Working together with my training partner, Neil Pollock, former chief instructor for the London Metropolitan Police, United Kingdom.

Outstanding Police Public Order professional with over 28yrs experience delivering training and operational tactical advice. Have worked extensively in public order/public safety working with members of the community and partners from other government agencies, private and voluntary sectors both nationally and Internationally. Passionate about delivering training that is inclusive and provides individuals with the skills and knowledge to undertake their work safely and effectively. An enthusiastic team player, with also the ability to work effectively on own initiative. Possession of strong coaching and teaching skills, including curriculum building, communication and problem-solving.


As for the actual PPE we naturally work with XION® Protective Gear from The Netherlands.  XION® produces a variety of protective undergarments for the purpose of the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) market. These products can be worn comfortably underneath any uniform or other work wear. XION® base layer body protection protects against blunt trauma impact using a proven concept for personal protection that employs the D3O® impact protection technology.
XION® is registered as an official NATO Supplier under NCAGE# H2GA8.

One of the founders of XION® has been actively involved in Law enforcement for over a decade. The experience as an operator in this area has contributed to the design of a selective range of blunt trauma impact protective products specifically suitable for specialist operators within law enforcement, SAR, SPECOPS, and other fieldwork. 


In Italy we work together with:
DSS Consulting Services with over 15 years of experience, headquartered in Monza - Italy, has contributed to the research, development and sale of high performance products and equipment mainly reserved for the Defense and the Law Enforcement sector globally, enjoying a reputation for excellence that is unsurpassed in the Defense industry.
The company prides itself for the choice of its strategic partners to deliver high end solutions that meet the most severe civilian and military standards. Then everything delivered is meticulously inspected and field tested. The result is the pinnacle of this synthesis.
In 2017, DEFCON SERVICES® becomes DSS Consulting Services, with a greater role as a strategic partner in the Research and Development of products and materials for the Defense Industry. DEFCON SERVICES® still remains the reference brand for the products sold under this name.