Back to basics in 6 steps!

1. In many to most cases, the crowds that gather are law-abiding citizens that are exercising their rights to protest and voice their concerns and beliefs! We all took an oath to Serve and Protect, this means that we also protect these people and their rights.

Understanding this is a crucial part of implementing the New Way of Public Order Management!


2. Understanding that a group has a certain behavior is one thing, but knowing/understanding Why it behaves the way it does is where the key lies. A group of any sort is made up of individuals. Individuals with certain behaviors and characteristics. It is important that we truly get this so we are able to use a monitoring skill that can be taught to spot certain players in the field that might have an undesired effect on others and deal with them with an appropriate policing response.


3. Communication/information is and will always be key to prevention, de-escalation or worst case repressing/contain a situation! It is therefore imperative that we understand How we communicate and if we are truly using the right type of communication to reach our goal of preventing escalation into violence.


4. It is in this communication that we need to change the Tune! Most of our Crowd Control Units are taught a certain way of communicating that frankly has the opposite effect of what we are trying to accomplish. Mainly by show of force instead of actual dialogue.


5. Appearance, visibility or non-visible actions should all be altered and redefined. For many studies over the last decades all show that they fail and why they fail. Being faced with this important task, we want to be able to protect our officers and the public we serve best we can. So how do we change and still make sure we ensure the safety of our officers best we can?!  We'll be able to show you!


6. Last but not least...why?! We are living in an age where police officers are under constant observation from the public and a great many other organizations. We all know that the public opinion has a strong effect on our government, and the need for the perception of our actions to be seen as legitimate. All ready to judge our every move! We have to operate with integrity, commitment and professionalism. Let's make sure we train well, so we won't give anyone the satisfaction and power to delegitimize our actions!